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The Science of Golf ™

Our patented, mapping technologies produce high resolution, 3D Golf Course datasets; ideal for golf GPS systems, 2D/3D golf gaming and 3D golf simulation environments.  Our 3D Golf Course datasets include:

  • Georeferenced HD Imagery (Photogrammetry)
  • Georeferenced 3D Terrain Models (XYZ) (Photogrammetry/LiDAR)
  • GPS Point Data (XYZ)

Examples of Mobile GPS and Golf Gaming – Multi Platforms Environments include:

  • Golf GPS Systems
  • 3D Golf Simulation and Golf Gaming Software (Full Swing Golf Simulators – EA Sports Tiger Woods)
  • Mobile Golf GPS Apps: Apple iPhone – iPad, Google Android and Windows Mobile devices.

Our technology decision to use high resolution, airborne mapping imagery vs. artist drawings was simple. We did not want artificial landscape creations or artist renditions in our 3D Golf Course environments. We only wanted the most realistic, physically true and accurate mapping data possible for each golf course. Therefore, we fell back on our geospatial expertise and selected airborne photogrammetry and lidar mapping as our acquisition and photogrammetric, mapping standard.  Our decision to implement the photogrammetric sciences empowered us to produce “hyper accurate”, 3D Golf Course models, ideal for our data licensing partners Microsoft Bing Maps and Google Earth… clearly the best solution for the golf industry.

3D Green View – Examples of Terrestrial LiDAR mapping, producing 3D point clouds for golf courses and greens can be found here: www.3dgreenview.com 


3D Golf Course - LiDAR


Our 3D mapping patent, outlines and requires the use of topography and elevation derived cloud data (XYZ) in the production of our 3D Golf Course products and services. Golf course terrain and topography are vital features in the production of  golf course mapping and golf course navigation systems.  Moreover, our 3D mapping specifications (horizontal and vertical accuracies) require us to use airborne photogrammetry and terrestrial LiDAR to map and model each golf course. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photogrammetry)

With every 3D Golf Course project, we fly each course using the Microsoft Ultra Cam, perform a field GPS survey using Leica HDS, terrestrial LiDAR scanners, and geoprocess each 3D terrain and imagery model for maximum horizontal and vertical accuracies.  Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions you may have…


The background of our ground mapping technology, all of our GNSS and GPS hardware is Leica Geosystems, simply the best!

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Leica Geosystems: Providing the absolute best in “RTK” GPS solutions and Leica HDS, terrestrial LiDAR scanners.

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