February 18th, 2010, by Terra

La Jolla, CA – January 28th, 2010 – Terra Imaging is proud to announce they have finished their new application development for the iPhone and new Apple iPad.

Karl Engstrom, Chief Technology Officer explains Terra Imaging’s interests, “We are excited about the release of the iPad. It’s a fantastic new touch screen, just under 10 inches, super powerful and perfect for golf cart GPS systems and our 3D Golf Course navigation software.”

When asked about the features and benefits of the new Apple iPad, Engstrom replies, “We really see the iPad as the most advanced golf cart navigation platform. Integrated with our 3D Golf Course data and software, we simply attach a Leica GPS antenna and the iPad becomes a very powerful option for golf cart GPS navigation consumer. We are working with Leica Geosystems, our GPS hardware partner, to integrate very powerful GPS receivers with the new Apple iPad. This is an exciting new world for the golf course GPS industry, hardware and software are now able to leverage high resolution 3D mapping data… this has always been a problem in the past.”

Terra Imaging has developed a series of Apple iPhone applications for the golf course GPS industry, all focusing on the use of high resolution, 3D Photogrammetry, 3D LiDAR mapping and advanced GPS technologies.

Makiyo Ferrell, Chief Marketing Officer for Terra Imaging, commented on the relationships between their mobile, iPhone technology and the new release of the iPad.  “We think it’s a perfect fit, networking our 3D Golf Course iPhone technology with the new iPad is seamless.  These devices are ideal for large scale advertising, marketing and social networking revenue streams, all focusing on the golf industry, as well as providing the the golf resort an advanced product platform for additional advertising and marketing revenue streams. It’s a great compliment to the Apple product line”.


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